Wednesday, December 29, 2010

MzApriltheModel courtesy of James Rich photography

Here are some images of Mz April. I need to get more info on her but shoutout to James Rich for sending these Hot pics over. Some of the images are featured in FBM Magazine shot by James. Follow him and MzAprilthemodel on twitter.. twitter/@JamesRich68 and twitter/@MzApriltheModel

MzApriltheModel1-JamesRich-FBM-thewizsdailydose.jpg (728 KB) MzApriltheModel2-JamesRich-FBM-thewizsdailydose.jpg (2.1 MB) MzApriltheModel3-JamesRich-FBM-thewizsdailydose.jpg (1.9 MB) MzApriltheModel4-JamesRich-FBM-thewizsdailydose.jpg (1.7 MB) MzApriltheModel5-JamesRich-FBM-thewizsdailydose.jpg (2.0 MB) MzApriltheModel6-JamesRich-FBM-thewizsdailydose.jpg (2.0 MB) MzApriltheModel7-JamesRich-thewizsdailydose.jpg (86 KB) MzApriltheModel8-JamesRich-thewizsdailydose.jpg (36 KB)

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