Thursday, December 30, 2010

Jolina Bonita aka Jolina B - featured at

Here's good reason to get on over to and checkout the latest gems past and present. Jolina Bonita was recently featured there. Checkout the enclosed images of her courtesy goes to Mixed Magazine..

jolina-bonita_mixed-magazine1-thewizsdailydose.jpg (176 KB) jolina-bonita_mixed-magazine2-thewizsdailydose.jpg (411 KB) jolina-bonita_mixed-magazine3-thewizsdailydose.jpg (243 KB) jolina-bonita_mixed-magazine4-thewizsdailydose.jpg (151 KB) jolina-bonita_mixed-magazine5-thewizsdailydose.jpg (137 KB) jolina-bonita_mixed-magazine5-thewizsdailydose.jpg (137 KB) jolina-bonita_mixed-magazine7-thewizsdailydose.jpg (430 KB)

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